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The Miner-Journal is a Saskatchewan Weekly Newspaper published at the office of Koskie Publication, 606 Veterans Avenue in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, Canada – Potash Capital of the World.

The Miner-Journal is proud to serve the Potashville area. This area includes the communities of: Esterhazy, Stockholm, Dubuc, Atwater, Bangor, Spy Hill, Tantallon, Yarbo, Gerald, Rocanville, Churchbridge, Langenburg and Bredenbury.

Oct. 24, 2016
Oct. 24, 2016 issue
2013 October 24

October 24, 2016 issue

October 24, 2016 issue
The Maple Leaf Theatre and that nostalgic feeling of our youth
2013 October 24
by Brenda Matchett

Ever have something that is like a trigger that sends you back in time, back to your youth? The trigger could be anything from a certain scent. A familiar sound. A conversation or even just a single word. A taste, that the moment it hits your tongue, memories flood in from somewhere deep inside your memory bank. It could be something you haven’t thought about in years, or something that you had totally forgotten but in that moment, you remember ever detail. Taking you back to a different time.
When it happens you can sometimes remember everything including the thoughts you were having at that precise moment, your surroundings, who was there and what you were doing. It is like watching a clip out of a movie. But it is your very own movie, and no one else has that exact movie in their minds. Even if they were there with you, each will remember that moment slightly different because each of us are unique and our perceptions can be varied.
That is how I felt walking into the Maple Leaf Theatre during opening week. It triggered a memory in time that I had forgotten. The second I remembered it, I could feel a smile cross my face, as the memories of a simpler time made me feel young again.
In that instant I was 12 years old. I was at the theatre with my cousin Karen, and we were buying popcorn and a drink before the movie started. I closed my eyes and I swear I could smell the buttery popcorn as the lady filled up our large container. I could even smell the orange pop as the plastic cup was filled. I remember Karen spotting the candy necklaces and we decided that we needed those as well.
As the adult me made my way passed the popcorn and pop machines in the newly renovated theatre, I pictured Karen and I, making our way back to our seats with a large popcorn, two drinks and our candy necklaces around our necks. Karen already sucking on her first candy before we sat down.
The big screen came alive and I could feel my heart speed up as the movie ET the Extra Terrestrial was starting. We got our favorite seats which were half way down the aisle, on the right hand side of the centre seats (still my favorite spot).
I was taken back more than 30 years in a split second. And as fast as the memory came, it left. Just a glimpse of that wonderful moment that was captured in my memory banks. All because I stepped foot into the theatre to take a photo of the opening of Whippletree Coffee and decided to take a photo of the theatre seats as well. The moment I moved that curtain and entered the theatre hall, I was a clumsy preteen again, with my cousin, and about to watch a movie that, to this day, is still considered one of the classics and one of my favorites.
Why did that memory stick out? It wasn’t the only movie I watched at the Maple Leaf Theatre growing up. I was there as often as I was allowed. I remember going with my siblings, with my parents, friends, family. So many great memories in that building and now my children will get to experience and make great memories of their own in the same theatre, with their siblings, friends or with Brad and I.
I am sure that the much anticipated re-opening of the theatre on Oct. 14, will be a memory such as mine was, for the many that attended.
When renovations first started on the building, my children had come to The Miner-Journal and my youngest was trying to peer into the window when she asked what was going on next door. She started jumping up and down when I told her that they were going to be opening up the theatre again and she was going to be able to go to the movies in Esterhazy, just as I had when I was little. The utter excitement that crossed her face when she realized we wouldn’t have to travel all the way to the city to watch a movie on a big screen was priceless.
The theatre opened Friday, Oct. 14 with the animated movie “Storks” at 7 p.m., and a second movie “Sully” at 9 p.m.
I would like to send a huge congratulations to Noelle and Ian Gogol and Katherine and Chris Miller on taking on the massive project of renovating and re-opening the theatre for not just my family, but for all the families in and around Esterhazy. Thank you!

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